I really want to go Iceland.

photos from Ariko and my flickr's favorite

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  1. So we share a dream ...
    When I was 13 I wanted to go there just because I was a huge fan of Björk !Then I discover the landscape & all the rest.
    Since a year I go everyday watch the cameras from : http://www.inspiredbyiceland.com/icelandlive/#tjornin
    (sad that there are just two cameras left now)

    Have a nice day

    Ps: now when I will be dreamy about Iceland I will imagine me with you :)

  2. 匿名4/20/2011

    that first picture is both haunting and beautiful! I love you for continuously posting amazing discoveries like these!

  3. Gorgeous images!!!! Makes me want to go to Iceland too!

  4. to Johanna!
    thank you for telling this site!
    i really like this<3 i became wanna go there more and more!!
    thanks : )

    to hearttypat
    yeees. i also love first picture!
    beautiful and cute : )
    thanks a loooot for your comments!!!!!

    to yoli !
    i really want to gooo ! : )
    i need long vacation!

    to C Sathal
    yes!! Happiness!! <333

  5. 匿名4/25/2011

    me too!!! great pictures!!!